Help family and friends stay connected to their roots by giving a gift of membership to the Newstead Historical Society. Download a membership/donation form .

We need your help to increase our membership as it has dropped substantially over the years. The annual dues are minimal and help with our day-to-day expenses incurred at both buildings – not unlike the expenses you each have for your own homes – water, electricity, gas, insurance and regular maintenance. Our capital campaign funds are being used for “once-every-30-years” expenses – and we appreciate each one of you who has contributed to it. However, it is important not to lose sight of our bread and butter – and that is our membership. The two buildings we own truly belong to ALL of us who live here in our town and village – not just the members of our board or the historical society itself. We hope you feel as we do, that it is important to maintain these buildings for future generations so we do not lose touch with our heritage.

Are you thinking you’d like to support the preservation and interpretation of our local history? Membership to the Newstead Historical Society costs just $15 for an individual membership ($25 per couple or $30 per family). Annual membership ensures you the opportunity to attend historical programs, receive the NHS newsletter and informational brochures, participate in local historical research, and meet professional and amateur historians. The entire community also benefits from this support as it enables the Society to present interesting and educational programs. Membership dues help promote public awareness and ensure the preservation of Akron-Newstead’s historical heritage.

You can become a member by contacting our Membership Secretary at [email protected] or download a membership/donation form.