Knight-Sutton Museum

History of the Knight-Sutton Museum
Through the benevolence of Mrs. Walter Sutton the Knight-Sutton Museum was established in 1997 when it was realized that the Newstead Historical Society’s artifact collection was so extensive that it needed its own museum. Previously it was thought that many of the artifacts could be housed in the Octagon House, (our house museum), but because of the generosity of our citizens the collection soon grew too large and more space was needed. Mrs. Sutton effectively bequeathed the building to NHS – the only stipulation being that it be dedicated to Mike and Sally McCleod, early NHS dedicated volunteers, involved in the Octagon house restoration.

From the period of 1997 through 2006, when the first exhibit premiered, much effort was put into gathering the collection from various locations where it had been stored, identifying and organizing the objects and attending classes on how to establish and set up a museum ,catalogue and preserve artifacts, and on exhibit structure and content. Surveys were done in the community to elicit feedback on what exhibits would be of interest to the community. Through these years several exhibits were presented as well.

Since 2006 annual rotating exhibits on the history of Akron and Newstead have been offered for private citizens as well as student and group tours at our location at 123 Main Street, Akron, N.Y.

2022 Exhibit Information
The 2022 exhibit is entitled “Akron Through the Years” and includes something for everyone! It is a bit of a walk-through timeline of our Akron-Newstead history beginning with our earliest residents, the Native Americans and on through the years. It also includes brief information on agriculture, railroads, the cement and gypsum industries, the KKK, the real truth behind the name “Murder Creek”, the historic mineral baths, Akron’s mushroom industry, the Akron Race Track, information on past residents, Main Street businesses, the Akron Theater, some history of local businesses, and so much more. If you’re thinking it looks like a jam-packed exhibit, as usual, you are right!

The 2022 exhibit opened in April and closed at the end of September.  It will reopen on November 27th with a mini exhibit called “Christmas Memories, Traditions and Customs.”  It will explore the traditions and customs of the holiday season with a look at a few of the Akron-Newstead Christmases of the past.  Open hours are:
Sunday 1-3 PM, November 27th, December 4th, 11th and 18th.
Wednesday 10 AM – 1 PM,  November 30, December 7th, 14th, 21st, & 28th

We are always looking for help and invite you to join us! Volunteers work on Wednesdays and help with a variety of tasks including organization and preservation of donated materials for the archives, newspaper clippings, assisting with tours and school visits, etc.

We are also available to assist with public inquiries regarding Akron-Newstead history.

Pat Rodrigues, Knight-Sutton Museum Director

Exhibit Research and Design Team: Marybeth Whiting & Laurel Jones

For questions regarding guidelines for artifact donations contact Jannette Potera, Collections Manager:

Collection Management Policy